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I use to think I was only good at one thing, at first that was story telling, writing. I use to write a lot in high school. Then I fell in love with photography and we have had an off on relationship going on ten years now (lol) however, I never expected to feel so passionate about working with candle wax, colours, scents and creating something using my bare hands.
So when you combine my two 'talents' and bring in the wax making, molding, you end up with Meliscents. Don't get me wrong I've tried candles and soaps as well but wax melts, oh theres just something about it!
I decided 2020 was going to be the year of creative release, telling stories using wax, creating something from nothing and having fun with it! 
Mystical Dreams became something while I was actually washing my hair, it was just a little thought and it grew from there. Then while I dozed off to sleep one night, the final piece popped into my head and I quickly wrote it down! The collection in my head was ready to be created. 
Pictures sourced from Pinterest. 
I wanted to create a collection that had hints of my own interests, myths, legends, stories, personal names and it took weeks to decide on colours and scents! It all started off with the beautiful Moon Beams Mold. 
And slowly but surely the collection grew. Lilith, Arianna, The Morrigan, Luna Eclipse, Phoenix, MayLea, Stardust and finally Cassandra joined. My collection completed. 
Mystical Dreams truely is a collection of my dreams. Filled with joy, love and compassion. This is the first of many wonderful creations that will be coming from Meliscents. And I owe my thanks to you, my amazing customers, without you I most certainly wouldn't be here doing the things I love. 
From the bottom of my heart, thank you.
Mel xxx



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